Should be Reading – you’ve done it again! You’ve gotten us all to engage with you, with others and with our book shelves. What more can a book-lover want? Not much, is the answer.

Here are my Wwwwwwednesdays:

Recently finished: Start It Up – Luke Johnson.

This is a book about starting up a company and entrepreneurs. It’s quite interesting, charting the characteristics which typify an entrepreneur – the desire to create their own world, a mixture of extrovert and obsessive. It sounds rather like a typical writer. The main point to this book, and the typical advice from entrepreneurs on how to become an entrepreneur, is simply to do it. Begin, start, commence. Worry about the details later. So, if any of you are interested in starting up your own company, go forth and try! Worry about the money when you have to, worry about the time you need to begin it… never. Just start and be smart about it.


Currently reading: All That Is – James Salter.

I’ve begun reading this book and about about a quarter or a third of the way through. It’s a very easy read and enjoyable. I’ve whipped through it so far and it is far more ‘sensuous’ than I had expected. It follows a man called Bowman, from his time in the Navy during the Second World War through to his life as a publisher. I haven’t finished it but the main point of the book is to discuss his failure in love. He marries but they end in disaster apparently. I shall let you know more when I know more.


Looking forward to reading: Beware of Pity – Stefan Zweig.

Zweig has returned to the modern man’s mind through the popularity of the Grand Budapest Hotel. This film is loosely base don his book The World of Yesterday, an autobiographical reminiscing of a world lost and part of the past – a world pre-Second World War. Zweig was Jewish and lived in Austria, until he was forced to immigrate due to the rise of Nazism. Beware of Pity is based on an Austrian officer, who is rather famous, and a famous writer as a narrator. It is his only full length novel and examines the idea of misunderstandings and their consequences. I am really looking forward to reading this.

beware of pity

Thank you again Should Be Reading, and until next time, adieu.


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