Teaser Tuesday!

Oh here we go! Aren’t you excited?! There’s some teasing to be done! As per usual, Should Be Reading (the blog, not the ‘to do list’) has it’s Teaser Tuesday ritual. Today, I join them, for the first time, in teasing you on this rather wet Tuesday.

‘The rain has stopped, the air is mild, the sky is slowly rolling along beautiful black pictures: this is more than enough to make a frame for a perfect moment; to reflected these pictures, Anny would cause dark little tides to be born in our hearts. But I don’t know how to take advantage of the opportunity: I wander along at random, calm and empty, under this wasted sky.’

Yes, I know the above teaser is two sentences but I really felt that I couldn’t leave out that beautiful second part, so tragic and sad, yet elated by the sky and the day. Now, prepare yourselves, here is the second teaser.

‘I don’t press the point: wherever I put it, it will go on existing; I can’t suppress it, nor can I suppress the rest of my body, the damp warmth which soils my shirt, nor all this warm fat which turns lazily, as if somebody were stirring it with a spoon, nor all the sensations wandering around inside, coming and going, rising from my side to my armpit or else quietly vegetating, from morning till night, in their usual corner.’

Gosh I’m excited! I have only just begun this book and I can’t wait to read it all. I’ve teased myself into a literary frenzy! No, nothing quite so melodramatic but I am looking forward to it. So, do you want to know what it is? Do ya? Course you do!

It’s Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea! Surprise! It is supposedly the pinnacle or most famous work regarding the theory of existentialism, something I don’t necessarily agree with, but I am looking forward to learning more about his perspective and views, as well as reading his beautiful (and beautifully translated) prose. Join me if you like and let me know all about it!




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